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Sunday, 6 December 2015

 Merry December, girls!
Saturday surprised me with an unexpected visit of the postman, and oh boy, I couldn't have been more excited, as I hadn't been expecting any packages that weekend. Having ripped off the paper, I noticed a sleek black packaging and I already knew what was inside. Freedom Makeup surprised me one more time.

As most of beauty junkies, I could give y'all ten simple reasons why Makeup Revolution and Freedom rock, but I won't delve into the details, as I'm sure most of you have already heard about those two fabulous makeup brands. With their affordable prices and great dupes of high-end products, they shortly gathered a great bunch of true followers.

The palette I'm reviewing today was inspired by earthy, natural and geological hues, and it's definitely something for the lovers of the natural look. Packed up in a sleek packaging, with a decent mirror, it doesn't make the transportation terrible if you happen to be a makeup artist (I'm struggling guys).

Looking for a versatile palette? Look no more. Firstly, as you can see, the palette itself contains two blushers - shimmery peach called Divine and light baby pink called Cherish. They're both amazingly pigmented and give a soft and girly look to the cheeks. My favourite so far is Cherish - perfect to brighten up the gloomy December days. Secondly, there's a great selection of eyebrow shadows - Bark, Taupe, Brunette and Ebony - with their extremely powdery finish, are not only long-lasting but also work just fine as crease shades (yikes for the mattes!).

Moving on to the most important part (duh), the eye shadows. Six mattes, six shimmers plus a highlighter. What impressed me the most about these is the formula - ultra powdery with the mattes and extra buttery with the shimmers. They blend like a dream, either applied with a soft brush or a finger, though I've been loving the sort of a messy look lately, hence I use my fingers a lot (plus ain't nobody has time for fancy blending). I was simply amazed by the quality of the eye shadows, they can easily compete against my best palettes such as Estee Lauder and Kiko. No creasing, no disappearing, no fall outs. The shades vary from light ivory, through pinky shimmers, ending on golds, which makes this palette perfect for upcoming party season (my absolute favourite is golden rose shade called Utopia).

Lastly, there are four lip glosses included - from sheer to bold reds. These aren't highly pigmented, but work pretty moisturising and give a nice flush of colour to your lips.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas and treat yourself to one of Freedom House of Glamdolls Palettes for only £8. Do let me know what do you think of Freedom's new releases in the section below, I might have a cheeky look at their website and you'd better too xx

Love, Rosie

November Favourites

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Having sat at my desk and realising I have written only two posts this month got me in a pure panic. The thing with combining school and blog is that when I have a tiny bit of spare time, I'd rather just lay down for a bit or do a workout, instead of taking care of this little corner of the Internet. I wish I could say I'm fully back, but I guess we never know what will happen in the next few weeks. For today, I wanted to show you my absolute favourites of the month - I still can't really believe it's almost December, does it mean I can start getting excited over Christmas???

SKINCARE | Firstly, the product which absolutely stole the show this month - NUXE Multi-Purpose Dry Oil. Thanks to my lovely friend, I'm a happy owner of a product which can transform my dull looking face in a radiant beam of light in no time. It also works just fine worked in dry, damaged hair or flaky, harsh skin on knees or elbows. Keep your eyes on a review coming up in a few weeks.

FACE | Mary-Lou Manizer is a product every self-respecting blogger should have in their beauty kit. No kidding here, I finally know what all the fuss was about. Mary-Lou simply rocks in the highlight department, making sure things still look natural, but pretty spectacular. I'm now Christmas-ready.

EYES | Two products to mention here. Firstly, a mascara that does the trick of holding the curl. Although my friend says it was the worst mascara she had ever tried, I sort of don't understand the hate towards Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara. It does not only provide the length and volume but also nourishes the lashes, thanks to the amazing argan oil. Secondly, a product which made the eyeliner thing much easier. I've never been a huge fan of feline-oh-so-fancy-flick, mainly because I'm the most clumsy person ever, but again, Rimmel came with help, thanks to the Glam'Eyes Liquid Eyeliner. The tiniest nib ever provides precision, meaning I don't spend 20 minutes in the morning on doing just the flick. Thanks, Rimmel for extra 5 minutes of sleep.

I'm off to put up my Christmas fairy lights all over my room, it's never too soon for Christmas! Tell me what products stole your heart in November, I feel like I need to take a cheeky trip to Boots soon xx

Love, Rosie

The Nude Foundation

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Evening, girls.
There's one question I ask myself every evening when it comes to taking the makeup off; why it's so damn hard for dry skin complexions to find a cheap yet great foundation? I look at my face, only to see it has flaked, caked and basically disappeared, giving my the look I'd rather avoid. After trying a few options, from high end Chanel to drugstore L'oreal, my patience has hit the bottom line. Damn you dry skin.

Back in August, I was testing a foundation which unfortunately didn't meet my expectations. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, instead of waking me up, left my face looking dull and pink. No wonder I had second thoughts after purchasing their Lasting Finish 25h Nude Foundation. As much as I loved Rimmel, I wasn't expecting much. So, was the Nude Foundation any good?

Rimmel Nude Foundation (£7,99) claims to be a medium coverage product that feels hydrating and moisturising, in the meantime providing a lightweight formula that blends into the skin flawlessly, creating a poreless effect that we all seek for. So far so good. It is also supposed to be sweat, heat and humidity proof up to 25h. Great, what more could I possibly need?

Whilst the foundation quite met my basic expectations in the coverage and formula department, unfortunately if failed majorly at the application and lasting. It has a tendency to cake after only a few hours of wearing. Of course, it's rather impossible to wear a foundation for 25h and expect it to look as fabulous as straight after the application  But I find it starts gathering around my wrinkles and creases after approximately 6 hours, which is not a great score. Moreover, it also tends to disappear from my cheeks and chin, even when set with loose powder.

Still curious of Rimmel Nude Foundation? Head over to Boots and find out about their latest offers. Leave me your suggestion what foundation I should try next time xx
Love, Rosie

Glow All Year

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My collection of foundations focuses mainly around those, which can transform my dull face in the morning to something more representative, thanks to the glowy and radiant finish. I cannot rave enough about the perks of using the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, but mine run out this summer and eventually, I had to find a cheap alternative to bring the glow back onto my face. I've bundled a few of my go-to products, which won my heart recently.

ALL ABOUT THAT CREAMY GLOW | I've learnt over the past years that simple solutions are the best ones. Recently, I got introduced to Dr PawPaw Multipurpose Balm* and I couldn't have been happier about the results. With its moisturising, preventing and healing properties, Dr PawPaw doubles up not only as a great skin care product but also as a highlighter. Put on the tops of the cheekbones, gives a slight hint of luminosity, without it being too obvious.

GIVE ME THE CREAM | If you happen to be a fan of creamy highlighters whilst still being of a budget, opt for a rather affordable drugstore product, which I've been obsessed with lately - Rimmel Good to Glow Highlighter. Mixed with foundation, provides the most beautiful radiant finish, in the meantime being super light and non-cakey. I've been reaching for this product every day, as it's just an ultra girly and healthy finish in a bottle. 

NOT SO OBVIOUS SHIMMER | MUA is a makeup brand, which sort of surprises me every time I head to Boots. With their new releases and affordable prices, their stand is a dream for every beauty junkie. No wonder one of my favourite highlighters comes from MUA and it's their Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter. Super lightweight formula provides a very natural look - dusted on the cheekbones, down the bridge if the nose and on the cupids bow, gives a proper amount of shimmer without the 'I got a new highlighter, I'm Edward Cullen now' look. 

SHIMMER, SHIMMER | Victory, we've found the winner! Finally, the product that does the whole strobing without all the fuss - Mary-Lou Manizer. Great pigmentation and lasting are nothing, compared to the mesmerising effect if gives, plus it doubles up as a beautiful eyeshadow. The description isn't needed, I think we all know Mary-Lou is worth the price tag.

We're all about that Kylie Jenner highlight, it's your turn to speak - leave me your suggestions in the comment section below xx

Love, Rosie

Mesmerising Palettes Come From Estee Lauder

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I was extremely lucky to receive an extraordinary gift for my 18th birthday. I basically cried after unwrapping the paper - inside, there was this beauty, the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Palette in 08 Infamous Sky. The feels, the feels, guys. I jumped, I cried, you get the drill. Now, whilst I still keep remaining my 18th birthday party (cause you know, a little party never killed nobody), it was the time to share with you my thoughts on this mesmerising palette. The verdict is in.

Rose's nails are wearing Essie in 'Too Too Hot'
As much as I'd love to say I'm all smitten with this palette, the reality is a tad different. Let's start from the packaging, which in this situation is a huge 'yassss'. What can I say, words classic and elegant are a great company of the word packaging and it's no different in this case. Small compact mirror definitely wins in this category as well. The palette itself contains five eye shadows, including different shades and finishes. From matte ivory, through reflective navy to satin gold. All packed up in one stunning palette. Everything would be oh so lovely, if.. The texture. The texture is dreamy, of course, with its buttery touch and softness, but after applying the eye shadow onto the lid it becomes a pure horror. They are extremely creasing and leave loads of fall downs, which sort of disappointed me the most, as I had really high hopes towards this palette. Yet, cannot just put it at the back of my drawer to rest peacefully, this is not what a beauty blogger would do, no. Instead, I will try my to work out the best way to use this stunning palette.

The real question is though, is this mesmerising palette worth the price tag? This one is on you, leave me your thoughts in the comment section below xx

Love, Rosie

Is This Makeup Sponge Really A Miracle?

Saturday, 24 October 2015

After procrastinating a bit this week, I'm fully back and I have some great news. I've found my holy grail of the makeup tools department at last. Saying I'm late to the bandwagon would be a massive understatement, I get it, this ship has sailed a long time ago. But as I walked into Boots and realised I had collected a pretty impressive amount of points on my advantage card, I lost it all and spend them all on Real Techniques brushes. Man, you just can't resist their soft bristles and jaw-dropping packaging (looking at you, Bold Metals collection), but this time I opted for something that had been on my wishlist for ages: the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Never have I thought a piece of sponge could work truly magically. I won't delve too much into the details, as I'm sure most of you have already got around to trying it by yourself, so let's keep it simple. Why I love the Miracle Complexion Sponge so much? Firstly, it's definitely a must in every makeup artist's kit thanks to its specific shape and the fact it doesn't take much place in a makeup bag. Works well for either liquid or powdery formula, whether used for applying, blending or for finishing touches. It does the job when it comes to covering all the pesky blemishes; the best way to do that is to gently work the product into the skin dabbing it rather than pushing. What seemed to me like a great idea was using the sponge dampened and I was not disappointed; I would highly recommend using a face mist (The Body Shop is the winner in this department) as it provides natural, non-cakey and glowy finish. For a total amount of £5,99, you get a fantastic tool that can umpf your makeup game.

It's your turn to give the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge a go. Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below xx

Love, Rosie

First Ever Tattoo and How I Take Care of It

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday, the 4th of October. I walk into a small, messy flat, with my best friend by my side, completely full of panic, anxiety (me) and excitement (she). In an hour time I'm going to have a proper tattoo - I thought when looking at Gaby, taking her shirt off. She's doing the rib tattoo, very, very courageously. I look at her during the whole process, she's brave as always. No movements, no screaming. It can't be that bad, I think whilst the tattooer does the finishing touches. Done, you're next. Panic, pure panic and anxiety. It's not that bad, actually - Gaby is trying to encourage me a bit and I thank god she came with me. Fifteen minutes later I hear 'done'. And that's it. 

On the 4th of October, last week, I had my first ever tattoo done. 

It took me quite a long time to make up my mind on whether I wanted to get a tattoo or not. Although my parents are rather tolerant and would surely accept my decision, I wanted to wait for the right moment. Firstly, I had this idea, rumbling in my mind, of getting a feather on my ribs. It wouldn't be just a normal tattoo because my mum was on that ship with me. After choosing the right pattern, shape and place (ribs for me, collar bone for my mum), it was purely a matter of time before we would head to the tattoo salon. There was the one problem only, at that time: lack of money. 

A few months passed, but whilst I was still lusting after a tattoo, I started doubting on whether I wanted my first one to be a feather. I had couple ideas at the back of my mind, but I was still rather indecisive.

On the 12th of June, my beloved grandpa died, after suffering from pancreatic cancer. It was a true tragedy for me, as we were really close, to the last day. It seemed only right to memorialize his person and the influence he had on my life, by dedicating the tattoo to him. And this is what I did.

Two crossed branches on my back. They simply remind me the happy times, when my cousin and I would go to live in a small cabin in the woods with our grandpa. We would have the time of our lives, eating huge breakfasts he would prepare for us every day, doing the road trips and swimming in the lake. 

It's one week since I got my first ever tattoo done and I feel quite proud of myself. I did it, I did it - I keep on catching myself saying it over and over. Did it hurt, you may ask? It wasn't pleasant for sure, but in a way, it's gaining experience and learning about your body and limits. 

This week has been all about taking care of my new baby and I have to tell you, looking after a tattoo isn't all smitten as you would think. It involves loads of flaking and peeling, bleeding and itching, but at the end of the day, you know it was worth it. Quick tip: if you haven't tried the Dr PawPaw Original Balm*, what are you waiting for? This stuff saved me from sleepless nights when things got so itchy I couldn't find the perfect position to sleep. Tattoo lovers, get yourself a bit of Dr PawPaw, it's a must.

To sum thing up, I wanted to apologise, firstly for the quality of the photos (my memory card died, so I had to use my phone) and, more important, for the amount of word 'tattoo' in this post. I'm going to snuggle under a warm duvet now, with Bobbi Brown book, but I can't wait to read your opinions on tattoos, have you got any and would like to share your story? xx

Love, Rosie
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